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    I have tried disconnected and reconnected the screen in my 700w several times but the it still one work so can anyone recommend a good pda repair shop? Preferably w/ free diagnosis before repair or at lease credit diag fee to repair if you get it repaired?


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    I hate dropping treos!
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    have you asked Verizon whats wrong. Just play stupid. "Ahh it just stopped working can you help me fix it?"

    They seems to be very lenient with giving out replacements. As long as you don't have a red dot.

    You good try a Sprint repair center? And I think Verizon has repair centers.

    good luck
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    and don't have any kind of warranty with them so it would have to go to Palm I think they said... and for that price I could just buy another used phone so I am hoping the repair will be under $100



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