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    Folks, I have searched the forums and have found many issues with backlight, but none that I have seen like mine. It seems as though the backlight turns off within a few seconds of touching the buttons, screen, etc. I have attempted to change the settings to allow the backlight to stay off for 3 minutes, but every time that I have done this, a few moments later the backlight will turn off, and the setting is set back to 1 minute. The backlight doesn't stay on for one minute, however, and turns off in just a few seconds. It seems worse when I have the bluetooth feature enabled, but was wondering if anyone can tell me how to make this setting stick, so that the backlight doesn't shut off?
    Thanks so much in advance!
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    it's a common problem. resetting the time and then doing a soft reset usually fixes it. you might need to do a hard reset, too. Have you added any 3rd party programs recently?
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    I have same problem but I don't know why it do that but it worse when it become warm.

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