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    I have been researching many different ways of getting my personally owned commercial DVD movies to SD card to watch on my Treo 700wx. I know there are free downloads, etc. but I am always leary of downloading something that may screw up my desktop. Here is a great software program I found [unfortunately not free] but works well and fast.
    1) need anydvd program which runs in background to strip copyright
    2) need clonedvdmobile program which compresses movie for SD card to view in TCPMP

    You can download and try it free for 21 days before purchasing. Tip: use clonedvdmobile to copy directly to your PC first, then just transfer to your sd card with a card reader. Do not copy directly to SD card as this took one movie 5 hours to do. When copied to PC it only takes about 30 minutes. Do NOT sync to your Treo as this takes a long time too...just transfer to SD card via card reader.

    Very easy to use, can compress movies as much as you want depending on what size SD card you are using to fit more on a card. I would definitely recommend this software to anyone who wants to watch movies on their Treo.
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    Any idea how long it would take to transfer to a SD card using Card Export? Thanks for passing this on.
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    I've been using AnyDVD and CloneDVD to make backups and watch movies on my PPC's for long time. AnyDVD is worth it's weight in gold. I highly recommend purchasing it. The developer is constantly releasing updates as new copyright protections come alive.
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    A bunch of folks here also use FairUse Wizard. Simple and free if you only want treo sized files.
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