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    Just wondering if anyone is using this with a Treo 700w. I just did the update and was thinking about picking up this headset since we now hav
    A2DP support.

    Anyone have any opinions about this headset?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Hi Glenn
    Have been using my 8010s for a couple weeks now and they are great. It is the only A2DP headset available at this time, where you only need to wear the right side if you want. Then add the left side when you want to chill.

    I know a lot of posts say why get the A2DP update if you are going to use stereo headphones, but this way I can listen to all the sounds of my Treo 700wx and not look like I am actually ignoring people [although I probably am...haha]

    Anyways, Hannip, who is one of the smartest people on this forum, just recently got the 8010s and he likes them as much as me. However, from time to time the sound cuts out, but not enough to make me take them back. The are extremely comfortable, and you can keep your sound up on the treo and adjust it in the right earpiece.

    Cheapest place I found them was for $120 plus nominal ship charge. Plus no restock fee if you want to return them...really easy returns with this company. Would definitely recommend these. However, if you are looking for something for jogging or exercising, these wouldn't work well as they would flop up and down. Then the motorola S9 would be better.

    Good luck...hope you try them.

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