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    This will be rather a long post but I do want anyone and everyone to read this and see if they can relate cause there has to be more then one person having this problem.
    I have a wx from sprint, I am CONFIDENT this is not a phone issue it is either my local area or something on the network or on my account and want to know if anyone has successfully fixed this issue.
    1. I will make a call, any call and it will say dialing and before it says connected it will say hanging up and it keeps doing this until I do a soft reset (often times once it says hanging up and I try again I recieve a pop up that says call cannot be completed please check the number or signal strength and try again later)
    2. I will make a call or pick up a incoming call, I can hear the person they can hear me and after seconds the call disconnects and when I try to call them or anyone else after that the same as I described on the top happens again
    3. I make a call or someone calls me and they can hear me just fine but I cannot hear them at all
    4. When number 1 occurs sometimes they can hear me just fine even though my phone said hanging up and never even connected the call, I often get a call asking me why I hung up and didnt speak

    These four main issues have been reoccuring a rediculous amount of times and are not specefic to an area or a number. There is no problem or program on my phone causing this. I have gone through numerous phones from Palm OS to windows one way form or fashion these problems always occur. I have even hard reset and loaded NOTHING and this happens almost on a daily basis. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP and tell me what is causing this? is it some glitch or issue on my account? Is it something on the sprint network in MY area? but then why is nobody else that i talked to having this issue? is a sprint specefic issue cause I knew a couple verizon people having this issue too.
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    I have seen this problem before also but I am on the Verizon network. I don't think it is a netowrk problem. I think it is a phone problem. Once I soft reset my phone everything starts working just fine. I think that something on the phone just gets messed up and it needs to be restarted.
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    This was happening to me. The problem seem to be with my email, Active-Sych. and some bad files. The only way for me to fix it was a hard reset.
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    ok but my point is there has to be something in the network or outside of the phone that even after you hard reset it continuesly happens all the time. someone has to be experiencing this issue as continuesly as I am and found a solution...
    Also I hard reset and didnt have any email activsync or anything set up no files nothing no numbers and it STILL did it...which is why I am starting to believe it is network related or more then just phone issues.
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    I have the 750 on the At&T network. I have experienced this "dialing" and then immediately "hanging up" problem. It always happens after I have had the phone connected to the computer with the cable. A soft reset does not always fix the problem. Sometimes turning the phone off (wireless manager) then on again corrects it. Today, doing a reset, taking the battery out, taking the sim card out, turning the phone off and on etc. did nothing to correct the problem. I called AT&T support. They did not have any reports about this problem. I experienced the same thing with other Windows Mobile phones. With the Treo 750, however, it always happens after connecting it to the computer.

    The support person said it is my problem. (Thanks a lot.) It is good to read that others have encountered this issue too. Any wisodm? Is there a correct way to disconnect the phone from the computer other than simply removing the cable from the phone? Settings? Anything?

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