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    I like to use the Treo's keygaued during calls. Every once and a while I need to look something up during a call. Is there a way to minize the phone app and disable keygaurd during a call?
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    I think you have keyguard and touchscreen confused. Keyguard is disabled or enabled depending on power state, touchscreen is disabled or enabled depending on call status.

    Either way, even if you have both enabled, you can look other things up by using the keys while you are on a call, no problem. I look up contacts this way all the time while on a call. In fact, you can continue talking while referring to your contacts.

    No need to "minimize" anything. Whatever you pull up using the keys during a call will simply overlay the call screen and you can close them when you are done using the X(OK). Of course, you are limited to functions available via the keys.

    If you are getting at being able to use your stylus during a call with touchscreen disabled, then I don't know any workaround for that. I suppose you could use the keys to change the setting during a call, I've never tried. But this would be very cumbersome anyway.

    Just fyi... I used to use Keyguard but I don't anymore. Turns out that if you are on a long call (over the power reduction default timer of 2 minutes) and a new call comes in, and you ignore the new call, when the keyguard feature "kicks in" again it disables the original call. I just leave the Keyguard off now. As it turns out, there are only two keys that if pressed accidentally will do anything anyway, the call key and the power key. That's it. So, no great loss not using the Keyguard, IMHO. I've not had any trouble even carrying the phone in my front jeans pocket.

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