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    What about name display?

    It is similar to your landline name display on your landline where the caller's name is displayed without it being in the contacts or phone book.

    My provider, Rogers / Fido has that feature on their network. Just that the Treo 650 and Treo 750 doesn't seem to support this feature. (On a Nokia 6126 it is supported!)

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    Its a brand new 1 gig sandisk mini Sd. But I've seen it happen on a few diff ones.
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    If a phone is totally bricked or caught in a startup loop, they're not going to be able to access the phone to re-install the ROM. Unauthorized software often has unforeseen consequences.
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    Even authorized ROMs have unforeseen consequences (700p anyone?). I bricked a 650 installing an authorized update from Palm's website. Fortunately, it was under warranty and they replaced it since it wasn't a custom ROM. insidr is right about the risks though. Unless you accept the possibility of bricking your phone and taking the loss, don't do it.
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    Do we know if the bluetooth stack has received much attention? I have to soft reset my 750 every time I get into the car and am thinking of returning the 750 while I still can. Will wait if BT is improved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kortez View Post
    Don't get the people wrong. There's a WM5 ROM on Palm website, so there IS a way back to WM5.
    True, but if you have a Cingular/AT&T 750 you cannot restore back to it if you don't like wm6.

    There is a Cingular ROM floating around, but the firmware is lower than the Cingular 750 FW version that was actually shipped with the device.
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