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    I've been having an odd keyboard error from time to time lately and wondered if anyone else has experienced this.

    For no apparent reason, sometimes when I start to type a message, the keys on the top row of the keyboard seem to become confused and give me the letters located directly below them on the keyboard. In other words, when I press the "e" or the "r" keys, I get "d" or "f" (respectively) instead. The second & third row keys all produce their proper letters and there isn't a stuck "shift" or "alt" (not that they would cause this). Has anyone else seen this happen?

    I does seem to happen when it's been in my pocket - could body heat do this? I'm wondering if I've got a phone that needs to be switched out.
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    Did you ever find a resolution to your keyboard problem? I seem to have a similar keyboard problem, but it only happens in certain locations. I upgraded to Windows Mobile 6 today and when I went in to do a search of the inbox I would end up with two or three 'b' or 'i' or 'p' or 'a' or 'z' or 'n' or 'b'.

    But when I go into a new e-mail and type everything is fine. If it was the keyboard then it should be doing it everywhere. Did you try upgrading to WM6 in December? Did you try tying in other programs (internet browser address bar for example) to see if it happens there?

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    My problem is that the leeters "u" in special seems to become sticky. I even ordered a new keyboard from this website, but the problem persist once in a while. I've been using a PC dust spray to spray the keyboard layout & it seems to help. Could it be that the membrane layer below the keyboard gets dusty/rugged?
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    If my problem happened in every application, then yes, I'd say it was the membrane. But since it only happens in the search application, I'm leaning toward some bad code. It's just plain weird.

    If you can repeat your problem in every application then I'd say yes, the membrane part sounds suspect. I'll probably end up getting my phone replaced. FWIW I also have a motorola Q, from when it first came out, and I've loved it. To this day, though, the keyboard still seems like the keys are hard to press.

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