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    I see the start menu bar on top, and the bar on bottom, but it's different than normal. It says "phone / contacts". And the whole middle desktop area is empty save for the wallpaper. resets aren't working. what should I try next?

    This weekend it kept disconnecting from the network. People would call, it would ring once, then it would disconnect before I could answer, and every time I turned it on (woke it up) it would tell me it was disconnected and to check settings (everything seemed fine). But then it finally just froze up entirely and I'm not sure what to do next...?...

    thx guys.
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    I just noticed I can't turn it off or put it to sleep either. Could I get burn in on this little screen?
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    You might have to hard reset your phone.
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    does that cause a loss of contacts and everything?
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    yup, oh well. I still have my old phone so I'll see if sprint can reload it for me.

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