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    Ever since I've had my 750 it has displayed this unusual behavior. It hasn't been a problem really, so I've just kinda ignored it. But now it has finally peaked my interest enough to ask the question here.

    With my old Treo 600, whenever I cleared the Blazer cache and cookies, if I had been logged in to TreoCentral, when I returned to the site, it showed me as logged out, even if I hadn't actually logged out of TC.

    With my 750, once I log into TC, I never know if it's going to recognize me when I navigate away to look at other sites or close and re-open PIE. That isn't the weird part though; this is it.

    Sometimes when I clear the web pages, history and cookies (Menu/Tools/Options/Memory/Delete Files and Clear History or /Security/Clear Cookies) and go back to TC, it shows me as logged in!?! But it doesn't do it consistently. Sometimes it shows me as logged out.

    Anyone know why that is happening?
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    Its because of the Cingular proxy server. The only way to fix it is to disable the proxy. You'll have to search for the method, I don't remember right now
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    Pattycerts is right, the Cingular Proxy server somehow caches your identity and/or cookies. So even if you delete them off your phone, the proxy remembers. I'm not sure on the specifics, but I see this similar type of behavior on Yahoo Mobile (

    There's a .cab file which you can download to disable the proxy setting. It's in the registry so this is the only way to do it as you can't do it from the user interface.
    I have it posted on my goofy little site that I put up just to host this type of thing:
    Note, press and hold "OK" or do opion+OK and "STOP" internet explorer after doing the .cab file. You have to completely shut down IE for it to use the new registry settings.
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    I love this place! You can get the answer to ANYTHING Treo related here!!

    Thanks Pattycerts and Taylorh! I already have and use the Disable and Restore proxy cabs, I just hadn't connected that the proxy would be storing third party site logins. Crazy!!

    I'll try it now with the proxy disabled.

    Thanks for your responses!!
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    Proxies do a few things.

    One of them is cache pages and data so that they don't have to be re-sent. So if 10 people all asked for the same file from a web site, the proxy would download the file 1 time, then let the 9 other people download from the proxy without going back to that initial web site.
    It can work the other way around and cache cookies.
    It SHOULD dump that cached data for your device when you disconnect your data session and establish a new one, but who knows if they do this.
    I'm sure it's intended to be an optimization to speed up your web site access.

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