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    I used spb diary as my today plugin, however i noticed it slowed down my system considerbly and the latest version (2.5) does not seem to play well with my treo (calendar information randomly disappearing). The built in calendar and tasks today plugins are just not up to the task. I Was wondering if anybody else has any suggestions for today calender plugins? I also just switched over to agenda one as my primary calender app, and would need something that would support it.

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    I use Today Agenda...wonderful free app.
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    Ill second Today Agenda
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    what they said
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    ITA. I've registered PocketBreeze but use TodayAgenda.
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    Did someone mention Today Agenda?

    We really need to get some donations to him.
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    I love the today plugins for the calendar, but do any of them offer a decent week view?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Longstrider View Post
    I love the today plugins for the calendar, but do any of them offer a decent week view?
    Not sure how you want the week view to look.
    But I like Today Agenda because I can get more than a weeks view on Today Screen.
    I like to have as many upcoming appointments staring me in the face so I don't forget them. :-/

    Infact, I'm still searching the forums for the hack, regedit, or app, where you could make the bottom 'MenuBar' smaller.
    Just call me Berd.
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    I actually like the look of that, thanks! I also just ran across that menu bar hack, but cannot remember where... Maybe over at the geeks. I will let you know if I find it again.

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