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    I am going to be getting a WX in place of my W. My wife is going to take my W. Is there an easy way to bring over all my apps and settings onto the new one without having to go back through everything and change it then reset the W back to factory settings?

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    No one has any thoughts??
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    I think it'll be safer to do a clean install on each app the long way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robodude View Post
    I think it'll be safer to do a clean install on each app the long way.
    I just did this.
    Do a clean install.
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    I agree as well. Do a clean install on the WX before to hard reset the W. This way you will have all of your app information available for reference on the W during the set up of the WX. This worked for me during several 700W replacements from Verizon (all of those incidents occured when a replacement was mailed to me). When I actually got Verizon to exchange my W for a WX it was an in store deal so I did not have my old W when I set up my WX and believe me, I wish I would have had it sitting right there as a reference.

    Also, some apps play differently between the 2 treos. I had Sprite on my sd card in my W, forgot it was there while setting up the WX and it just didn't work when I tried to run it on the WX. Ultimately I had to hard reset and rebuiuld the WX from scratch twice.
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