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    Am considering upgrading my Treo 650 to a Treo 750.

    Had a quick look on the internet and have found Pocket Informant, Agenda Fusion 8 and also Agenda One.

    I imagine it comes down to personal preferences but does anyone want to share their views of these applications with me?

    Also, what other software would you suggest to be essential add-ons to a Treo 750?
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    All 3 are very good PIM programs. However even if a power user who had a hi level of experience gave you a detailed run down of the pros and cons I think it would be only marginally beneficial compared to investing 20 minutes a day with each for the duration of their trial periods. Just as datebook had its strong and weak points, the wm apps do also. The major difference is that the wm apps are unbelievable customizable in every way imaginable,,,,, except for the way in which one would desire most.
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    P.S. After giving all 3 a good week or 2 I chose pocketinformant for myself just be cause I could create a link that was accessable within a few taps that gave me a filtered view. I created a folder on the start menu with TotalCommander then created a link to birthdays only, link for bills only, etc.

    As far as other essential SW, that info may b n the stickies.

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