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    Yup, I dropped my TREO 750 and being a soccer player, I tried to soften the fall by catching on my foot. Instead, using my cat like reflexes and highly trained foot skills, I launched the TREO into a metal display case at Home Depot.

    It was quite a sight! it must have traveled 25 plus feet and had a hang time of 2 -3 seconds! You can only imagine what was going through my brain as I saw my TREO gently tumbling in the air toward the display. I tried to run and catch it but was too slow.

    Anyway, I am now the proud owner of a TREO with a cracked screen.

    What are my options? Palm want $169.00 to fix it. Is this the best choice?
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    You could try
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    you also can try getting the screen from friend cracked his screen and got a screen cheap from ebay...he also got a 8125 from there also...

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