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    I'm debating whether to buy 2GB of memory for my Treo (~$40) so I can use it as an MP3 player vs. buying a dedicated MP3 player (~$250). My biggest concern is whether the Treo can act as a decent player in terms of performance: easy to navigate to the music and speed/response time. I don't need much functionality other than to get to the music and play a playlist. If it paused when a call came in, that would be great... or at least responded quickly to me manually pausing it. Finally, I use Urge which uses DRM, and as far as I know, it's compatible with WM5, but just wondering if that has any performance affect, etc.

    So, what has been your experience using your Treo as an MP3 player?
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    It plays music just fine. No performance issues. Supports DRM just fine. The sound quality is hugely dependent on your headphones. Look for some that provide good bass since otherwise it will be lacking. Also an incoming call will pause the music and resume after you hang up.
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    Thanks! That's just the confidence I needed.
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    I'd get a 4GB card though.
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    It works great; same quality IMO as a Zune or iPod. I got the 2.5mm stereo adapter from the Treocentral store and now I hook my Treo up to my car stereo via my Aux connection. Sound is great, pauses when calls come in, returns when the call is finished, and playlists sync up nice. No complaints. I took back my Zune after I found out that my Treo can do the same for the price of a 4GB SD card, which I already had. I have about 550 songs on it now with room for another couple hundred.
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    I thought that 4GB SD cards weren't compatible with the 700w. So, to get a 4GB, can I get a 4GB SDHC or does it have to be plain old SD? Basically, I'd love a recommendation on what to get... fast... I already placed an order online for a 2GB, so I'm hoping I can still cancel and add in a higher GB card. Thanks!
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    I can't speak on the 700w as I have the wx, but they should be the same. One card that works for sure is the Transcend 150X 4GB SD. Do a search on Amazon or ebay for it; I don't have a link on hand.
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    I second the Transcend 150x 4GB SD Card. Has worked flawlessly. It often goes on sale at for less than $50
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    I was very dissatisfied with WMP. I suggest you try Pocket Player.
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    I am a big fan of the WMP, it is invaluable for my commute into DC; I use it for everything, including watching movies/recorded TV, listening to music, or listening to internet radio over the EV-DO network in the area (I use Pocket DVD Studio to "shrink" about 20 30-min. shows onto a 2GB SD card, along with about 2hrs of music, with some room to spare) - the only thing I have not been able to accomplish is getting Sirius to work, I know there is a write-up on how to do this, but I can never connect...
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    I love WMP. Simple, out of the box. I looked at many of those third party players and found they didn't give me (just my opinion) any more than WMP. In fact, some of them bogged down my device unnecessarily.

    Not that WMP is perfect, but I just didn't find any of the others to be all that much better. So - I just roll with what's in the box.

    And ya gotta get a 4Gb. All the way.
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    It's like having an iPod Nano and laptop in one device. The Treo is really underrated. It sickens me how much press the iPhone gets when the Treo has been doing all this for the longest. But I blame Palm for not promoting it enough.

    Ok, I'm off the soapbox...
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    Quote Originally Posted by lawilson2 View Post
    It works great; same quality IMO as a Zune or iPod.
    Completely disagree with this.
    I can easilly hear the difference whether I'm using my Shure headphones or the basic ipod ones.

    TCPMP has a lot more functionality built in than WMP does and since it's free, I can't see any reason why you wouldn't want to use it.
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    Pretty sure the op said he needs DRM support. TCPMP ain't got that.

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