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    I was reading on this thread:,51157.0.html

    that the new treos with wm6 will have 320 x 320 resolution as opposed to 240 x 240. Is that true? Anyone can confirm this is the case? If it is, I will be returning my recently purchased Treo 750 and wait for the new ones with wm6.
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    It is understood, but a 320x240 model also appears on the cards, and for all we know it could be six months before anything new shows up at all.

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    And if you plan on staying with AT&T then the new treo won't be out for a long, long time.
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    A "Treo 750 refresh" is suposedly comig to AT&T this year, but no clue what that means. It could be the smae exact one just with WM6 on it, or it coud have an upgrade or two like a 320x320 screen (I wish.) But nothng to get your hopes up over.
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