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    I posted this on Hofo but this is for the people who don't normally read that site, which you should be. Brief history: I had a nonfunctioning camera in a Treo 750v that I contacted US Palm support about. They referred me to UK support because it was a Vodaphone device. Contacted UK support and they said contact US because thats where you live.

    After hassling with US Palm Support and UK Palm Support and getting bounced back and forth, I decided to sell the Treo 750 on ebay with full disclosure regarding the nonfunctioning camera. The auction ended at a little over $175, which hurts considering I bought it brand new for $700 when it first came out in November 2006. Nonetheless, I hit up craigslist and was lucky to find a seller with a Cingular Treo 750 without the standard battery and cover for $150. The kid probably got it from Cingular as a warranty exchange and decided to sell it. I assume he is keeping the one he was supposed to send back since he said he still needed to use the battery and battery cover.

    So I put in my extended battery and door and all is fine and dandy. Then I get a call this morning from a representative from Palm's corporate office. We talked about the problem I was having and told him it was a moot point since I already sold it on ebay at a significant loss. He explains that he was calling to offer me a Cingular 750 in exchange for the defective 750v and apologized for not contacting me sooner. I ranted about the problems I have had with Palm devices since the 650 and told him that I was thinking of changing to a BB or Nokia. I asked if he could offer any freebies to make up for my loss and he asked what I was looking for. I asked for a standard battery and standard battery door. I probably could have asked for more (doh! GPS puck) but honestly, that's all I needed. He agrees to ship to my work address and asked that I contact him at the corporate office if I had any other questions.

    Despite my frustration with being shuffled back and forth, I have to say that I am quite happy with even receiving a personal phone call. There are probably many factors (e.g. recent loss of confidence amongst users, increased competition with Apple/HTC, etc.) that made this guy go out of his way to contact me. Nonetheless, just the mere fact that my problem was escalated without any further action on my part and the fact that I even received a phone call was impressive.

    Just thought I would share.
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    Wow, this is completely counter to what I have ever experienced or heard regarding Palm. Typically it always goes like what you described in the first part of your email with them bouncing you around and ultimately not providing any tangible help or results.

    IMO they have demonstrated the worst support you could imagine--try doing an on line chat session and ask WM6 is coming out. They will eventually send you a link to a press release that it is on the way and when you tell them to explain when that is they dig around for a while and then tell you "keep checking back--it will be soon!"
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