Looking for some help here. I have used both the Palm 700p and its predecessors and the 700w and 700wx. I was previously able to connect fine with Vista Home Premium with the 700wx using Windows Mobile Device Manager (WDM). Recently I upgraded to Vista Ultimate and downloaded and installed WDM. Any time that I now connect my Windows Mobile device (700wx) I get an error that shuts down WDM with a Host system error. Following messages seems to point to the DEP system. I have tried modifications, uninstalling, reinstalling of PPC software, WDM modifying DEP settings, etc and still no luck. Most recently, I have been able to weed things down via the task manager and found that when I shut down the Windows Mobile Sync system, it at least doesn't give the error. The problem is that each time the 700wx is plugged in through the USB cable it reloads Windows Mobile Sync and the error comes up.

This might drive me back to the Palm 700p as I could sync most of my software via this method. I cannot do this under the current 700wx and Vista Ultimate problem.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,