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    Alright guys, I have owned my Palm 750 for a few months now and stumbled upon this amazing site.... So much info I have spent that last two working days just browsing and absorbing info. Alot of terminology that is new to me so I have tried to find info on it. But anyways, here is my case,

    I just purchased the e-mobile tv and for the most part am not able to get video on most of the channels so I need to up the data transfer. So I tried the HSDPA hack. I ran the .cab file and installed successfully BUT I am not able to test my speed.

    I go to and click on speed test next to Mobile. My browser quickly states that my browser does not fully support java script, we cannot test your speed. BUt when i click on 5k, 50k, 100k next to Go, it gives me a data rate. I am not sure how people test there speed. Could you please give me some insite? THanks
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    Try this one, I browsed dslreports and found an iphone test that may work

    Click the "high speed" option if you are confident it is fast. If not try MOBILE forst

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