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    I sync 2 PC's with my Treo 750. Machine 1 shows 1060 contacts and Machine 2 shows 918 contacts. My question is why aren't the contact lists equal since I'm syncing the same Treo between both machines?
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    Because you can't sync contacts with more than one PC. Same with Calendar and Tasks. Lame, I know - PalmOS can do this.

    Chapura PocketMirror for WM claims to do this, and to some degree it does. But I had to return it for a refund because it could not cope with the "LiveMeeting Transport" my employer uses for setting up teleconferences. For some bizarre reason, the calendar entries it creates causes PM to abort.
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    I suggest you assign one catagory too all of the contacts on one computer and a different catagory on all of the contacts on computer #2.

    Next I recommend that you get a hosted exchange server and import all of your contacts. Same usage much easier with more function and ease of sync.

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    That doesn't make any sense to me... but I probably can do the host server!
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    Sorry I was listening to a question in another post regarding work contacts and home contacts. They wanted to sync to seperate contact lists. My recommendation was 2 catagories [1 - home, 2 - work] and a hosted exchange server.

    Anyway in your case a relatively inexpensive charge per month gets you a hosted exchange server that holds duplicate info in all locations including mobile device. Add a contact at work and they sync to the device and home. Delete a cotact on the device and they are deleted at work and home. Its great.

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    Since i already have a Domain and web site, it shouldn't be that difficult to do. Have you done this before, how can I do it without calling my IT people?
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    I suggest that you use Plaxo so that all your contacts are kept in sync w/o your palm device. Plaxo works much the same and the add-on software for firefox that keeps all your bookmarks up to date on all machines. The difference is that if the contact is a plaxo member and they change their information, you don't have to update it yourself. I'm sold on plaxo and palm OS. Wish all my relatives and friends would use it.

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