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    Hello all,

    I'm all but ready to pull the trigger on picking up a Treo 750 through Cingular. 3G service is excellent in my area.

    My only question I seem to have at this point is regarding using Napster To Go. I currently have a Samsung Sync that I am able to download songs to using Napster To Go. I did a search on this forum for Napster and came up with zero results. Will I just need to purchase and install Pocket Tunes to use my Napster To Go Subcription with the 750? It will then show up in Napster as a compatible device that I can drag and drop to?

    Thanks much
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    Eh... Napster works ok(ish). When you connect your 750 napster sees it and allows it to become on of your 3 devices. There are a couple of issues:

    1. Napster sees your phone and mem card as 2 seperate catagories. So, if you drag to the bottom right corner, music will fill up the main memory in the treo, not the storage card as the sync did. You need to select the storage card in your library and drag music to it.

    2. You know after 2 weeks or whatever when you need to reconnect to get fresh licenses on your sync? Well napster asks for the same thing on the treo 750 but it never renews the licenses. so the only thing you can do is drag your music over again everytime the licenses expire. It is kinda tedious, but doable.

    Both of these issues relate to windows mobile, not specifically to the 750. I have tried cingular 8525 as well with same results.

    Emails to napster got them to admit that the devices are not really supported, even though you can make them work.

    BUT, to be able to download UNLIMITED music for 15 bucks a month, or free if you got the sync deal from att, is worth the hassle in my opinion.

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