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    Works Great for my 700w. The shortcuts on the today screen dont work if you enable the key guard lock when you are making a call.
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    I still cant get my BT GPS to work. I have tried everything. Anyone know how to back level the firmware? I have the .10 updater but it wont let me install it. Is there any option that can be used?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beryl View Post
    Please verify PDANet still works. I don't trust VZW to not cripple something and kill PDANet. I don't use DUN enough to pay VZW extra for it.
    Quick test (a couple minutes online) PDANet v1.73 does still work with new ROM. I used USB, did not test BT.
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    A2DP working fine on my 700w and the call volume seems fine now too.
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    BTW - If you want to go back to version 1.10 all you need to do it go into the updater directory on your computer and change the file called "vers" to say 1.30 inside so that it is greater than the 1.21 and it will install.
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    sorry i dont mean to be negative but does this seem like a mediocre update. i have a 700wx and im still debating weather i want to update or not.
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    does this update address the Verizon connectivity issues at all?
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    What exactly does "Additional Daylight Savings Time features" mean for the wx? Please tell me that our new daylight savings time dates are in this update for the w. If it is not than it is apparent that they just don't care or just plain stupid. I have the updater but doesn't that take up space on my storage?

    Will this also allow me to not use pdanet?

    I am going to update however anyway.
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    I updated my WX last night. My WX, which already had A2DP out of the box, shows no signs of improved performance. Still skips at the beginning of songs. Other than that, everything else seems pretty much the same.

    I would say this update is no biggie.
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    I noticed that I have a folder called "Network" now....Also, when I install apps it gives me the option of using "Network" as one of the file destinations.....anyone know what this is for?
    Device: 700wx,4G SD Card
    Service: VZW

    When I get my PPC just the way I want it.....what happens next?
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    Palm & Verizon are putting out updates. As long as it doesn't damage or feature-restrict my phone in anyway, I'm not going to complain about that. Took 33mins 9secs this morning to run on my wx. When installation dialogue on the PC and Treo both said everything was finished, the active sync animation kept going with a message "Looking for changes." I pulled the cable and reconnected. All was fine. Did the *228 option 1 to update programming and heard that my phone could not be programmed, call customer service to update programming. I tried it again 10mins later. It worked.
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    I did the update with the SPB Mobile Shell in place. SPB was still my shell after the update and is working fine. No ill effects seen yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1PTUser View Post
    I did the update with the SPB Mobile Shell in place. SPB was still my shell after the update and is working fine. No ill effects seen yet.
    Everything on my phone worked as it did before the update;

    Mobile Shell
    pocket plus
    Sling player
    Tom Tom

    No issues at all. Other than changing the version to 1.22 im not really sure what it did!!
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    This update sounds like a huge disappointment. When I spoke with Palm about the Bluetooth problems on the WX, they indicated that the issues would be addressed in the next update. Based on what I'm reading, I don't think they fixed a damn thing. I wish another manufacturer would step up and copy everything that's good about the Treo while giving us everything that Palm won't (wifi, working Bluetooth, etc.) - I'd give up my Treo in a heartbeat. Maybe by the time the iphone comes to VZW, it will be the Treo-killer that everyone has been talking about.
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    I am not going to complain about getting the update. It is more than I can say for Sprint. Hopefully they will get an update sometime and we can see what they get. I wish they had gone up to at least 1.30 and changed a bunch of things but an update is an update and we will just have to see. As for changing your ROM number from 1.22 to 1.30 is not real smart. If they come out with a ROM verison 1.30 you will have to change your ROM verison again. YOu might as well change it to 1.23.
    Palm Treo 700w > VZW Treo 700wx
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    I did the update but something on my phone hung everything up. I did a hard reset & it seems to be working.

    I did notice that the reboot time seems long (of course I never tested that before).

    How long should the hard reset take until the "tap screen to setup WM5" pops up?

    Also, if I restore a backup (SPB) will I mess up the update (as my backup is from an older version)?

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    72 seconds is how long the phone takes from the initial hard reset to when you get that "jingle" that WM5 is ready to "tap the screen".

    I seem to remember it being much quicker before the update.

    Is that a normal time?
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    Went well for me
    4 8 15 16 23 42
    Sharp YO-610 > Casio Cassiopeia E125 > iPAQ h5455 > Treo 700W
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    Hrmm, as it turns out, it didnt actually update for me (still says 1.20, not 1.22).

    I have hard reset mutliple times & I am not trying it on another pc.
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    When will we see a Sprint update?

    Sprint - Treo 650, 700wx, 800w, Touch Pro
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