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    I posted this on Howard Forums but wasn't sure about the responses, so I'll ask the question here:

    My company uses BlackBerry exclusively and has a BES server. Our exchange server was recently upgraded to support the direct push feature that's been spoken about here.

    Here's my question: on my BlackBerry I send and receive emails in real time. Also, if I delete an email on my BlackBerry it deletes it on my PC as well (I like this feature).

    I recently tested a Treo 750 that had WM5 and was able to send/receive emails, but anything I tried to delete from the device would remain in my inbox on the PC.

    Does anyone know if this can be fixed, or if a future version of the WM software will address this?

    Thanks guys.
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    It does delete, but deletes do not get pushed. It will be deleted on your next scheduled send and receive (which is ever 5-15 minutes).

    Try it out again, followed by a Send and receive and see if it works for you.

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    I tried that before but stuff I deleted was still in my inbox the following morning. Am i missing something?

    Thanks for the reply.
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    Works for me. Give it at least half an hour to do its trick. If not, talk to your IT people.

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    Pocket Outlook -->Menu --> Tools --> Options --> Storage Tab
    Empty Deleted Items (drop down choices):

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