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    When I launched Windows Live Search for Mobile this morning, it informed me that there was an updated available. A really cool movie search is the most obvious change but there are some nice navigation changes as well. In my opinion, this continues to be the best program for the Treo and the best thing MS has produced in the past decade.

    Download here
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    For clarification, this is the new 2.0 version of Windows Live Search. 2.0.2739.29907 to be precise

    This version allows you to search showtimes for movies playing in your area. It also has a nice SMS feature that allows you to do a search and SMS the results to someone else. This would be good if you were meeting someone at a restaurant and wanted to give them an address or phone number for it easily.

    Downside (for me) is Dallas is still not listed in the "Traffic Coverage" section.
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