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    I tried to use sprintpcs mail on my outlook and it keeps prompting me for password, im pretty sure i have the right password. i even went to change the password. for some odd reason its not working. any ideas on how to get this working? or is it not possible? any input would help. thanks in advance
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    Your Vision password is what you're being prompted for. This is usually different from your account login.

    You said you even changed your password, which one did you change?

    If you're not sure what your Vision password is call C.S and they'll give it to you.

    Sprint used to have this feature back in the day when you could log in to and request your account password be sent to your phone. Haven't see that feature for sometime now.
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    Thanks for your reply, im sure the passwords are right.. i changed my email address to something other than the one sprint gave me.. can this be the problem? what do i put as the username?
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    Your username is usually your first initial with you last name and possibly with a number at the end. I made my and vision password the same so I wouldn't get confused. Call Tech Support and they will help you.
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