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    Has anyone used iGuidance 4.0 yet? I have 3.0 and I like it better than TomTom and any other GPS programs I've tried.

    I don't qualify for an upgrade, so I don't know if its worth the $100 to buy it or not.
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    I'm also thinking about buying this...
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    I went ahead and bought it.

    If you liked version 3 then you'll probably like version 4. I needed the updated maps because I live in new construction and now the maps have my whole area whereas the old maps didn't know where I was.

    The only other real benefit is having the TTS. I like having the street names announced. It does sound a little delayed and the voice is different, but I still like it.

    The interface and maps look identical to version 3, so no real change there.

    Was it worth the $100? For me it was because of the TTS and updated maps that were greatly improved for my area. The last time I tried TomTom, the maps still weren't updated for my area.
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    Cool, thanks for the feedback!

    Aside from the updated maps, did it look like there were more POI's included?

    Or more specifically, have they added more types of businesses that you can find? It seemed like before you could find restaurants and shopping malls, but not too much else.
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    I haven't really looked at the POI's. According to their list of updates there should be alot more than the old version. I will try to test it some this weekend.

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