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    Can someone please explain or direct me to a post or site that identifies the steps to use DUN (with the USB cable)? All help is appreciated.

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    What have you done so far? What OS? Any error messages?

    Steps I used... on XP

    1) Load Active sync on Laptop
    2) Plug in phone (automatically finds and loads modem drivers and creates dialup connection)
    3) Go to My Network Places Properties and click on the Treo dialup connection

    Note: Make sure phone is "active", (i.e. not dimmed and on stand-by) when you accomplish these steps. After you are successfully dialed up and communicating, it's is okay for the phone to dim, but not during the initial connection, from my experience. Well, I might be confusing the USB connection with Bluetooth behavior now, not sure. But make sure the phone is "lit up" just to be safe.

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    I am on a Sprint plan with Microsoft Windows Mobile Ver. 5.0.

    I am cuurrently in the process of updating my older Dell Inspiron 8100 from Windows ME to XP and upgrading it with SP2. I figure the more current OS I have, the less that can go wrong.

    I'll let you know my progress as soon as I am back in business with my laptop.


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