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    I have just switched from a Sony 910a to a Treo 750 and I can not seem to find where I can input a calling card info so that I can make calles using my normal services or choose to use a calling card. Please help....
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    xxotxx, I don't think there is a feature on treo 750 about calling card. I'm too converted from SE 910 to Treo and missed that great feature on SE. This is the way I've been doing with calling card. In contact I copied the phone# to car phone and add in the calling card# in front of it, follow with a "p" for pause and the pin#(or any requirement key which your calling card wait for the response) then another "p" and finally the phone# you're trying to call. This works like charm to me, except one thing that if you use the same cards for several different contact, whoever you call after will have that person name display on your phone but just ignore it, it'll call the right person for you. Good luck...
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    I also miss the touchtone feature of Nokia, which would send DTMF tones of the contact after dialing calling card number. Isnt there any app or hack we could use which could do this automatically?? and probably let user add a hard pause as well for calling card PIN dial??
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    Check out MagiCall. It does a lot more than what you are looking for but does do calling cards etc. It is available at
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