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    Is the USB synch cable supposed to charge the phone. Mine does not charge the phone. Do I need to get another cable?
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    yes it supposed to charge.

    did you try plugging it into a different usb slot? (that one maybe does not provide enough power)
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    Im pretty sure it doesn't change your phone by itself (mine doesn't)

    however, on the bottom of the usb cable (phone end) you will see a slot to plug the charger cable into.

    plug your charger into the wall, the cable into the usb cord

    the usb cable doesnt need to be plugged in, and the pc does not need to be on; and it should still work
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    Unlike most phones it doesn't charge on its own, but treocentral sells a few that do.
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    The USB cable that comes with the Treo 700w must have a charger plugged into it to charge the Treo.

    There are 3rd-party cables that allow you to charge the Treo using the power through the USB port. There are some that can be used only as charging cables and ithers that are sync/charge cables.
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    if you open the usb cable top you will notice a few sodlering points, making a quick jumper will allow the usb cable to be a charger all you need is a small piece of wire and a soldering iron.

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