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    I recently dropped my Treo 700w in a parking lot and it scratched the front of my Treo a bit. Is there any way I can buy an official Verizon Treo 700w faceplate from somewhere?
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    There are dummy phones on ebay. I bet they would work. Downside is that by unscrewing the thing you will probably void the warranty when you break open the sticker.
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    I bought my Treo from another person so I wouldn't have to worry about warranties right?
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    Search google for "treo parts"

    A bunch of listings show up. you may get lucky.

    or search ebay
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    I've used them for parts back when I was a Motorola junkie... I never had a problem with them.
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    well the dummy phone will work...i got two dummy phones and everything can work except the back panel...the face, keys and bat door works...
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    what tools are necessary to take one apart and how to take apart? i'm also thinking about a dummy phone for my treo 700wx. couple of scratches i'd like to fix.

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    I have a verizon face if anyone needs one shoot me a pm. never been used, in package still.
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    i know that there is a youtube video on how to take apart a 680...and its the same thing...try the link...

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