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    I'm having problems with my messages. Most of the time it works fine, but occasionally it'll stop receiving texts and I have to do a soft reset to make it function properly again. I won't even know when it stops, I just happen to notice long gaps in receiving texts and then I suspect it doesn't work. Anyway, why does this happen? I have a 700w.

    On the Today screen, after the soft reset, it'll show like 3 message unread. I'll click on it, no new messages, and then it'll go to no unread messages. This is after it stops working and soft reset. This is very frustrating
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    Haven't had to do the soft reset like you say, however, I have 3 unread messages that are just sorta lost in space as well.
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    Would there be anyway to go to a folder and view text messages stored in our main memory?
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    Do you have 'pusheffect' installed? If so it may be intercepting txts that are not emails.

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