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    Riddle me this Batman, how come when I start up the oZ client and log into my AOL account I receive an IM to the Messaging app that contains only a number for a sender address and nothing else? Better yet, why, even after I delete the message, does WM5 continue to report a new SMS in the Messaging app?

    I continue to get these stupid messages every 5 minutes or so while the oZ client is running so I assume the oZ client is somehow generating them. This is made all-the-more-annoying by the fact that I have Treo AlertPro 6.2 Lite Edition installed and I get a never-ending stream of reminders and flashing LEDs.

    I have the unlimited message plan added to my data plan and I like this IM client because a) it's free, b) I don't care about the SMS usage charges, and c) the interface is clean. But this other crap has got to end. Any help from persons more knowedgeable than me?
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    all i know is that the client uses sms instead of data... that could be the reason but im not sure can anyone else help me out here?

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