I'm planning to buy a Treo. After doing some shopping, I've narrowed my choices to the 700wx. I was about to sign up w/ Alltel, but now am concerned that their wx isn't really as capable as the Verizon wx that I've heard the most about. For instance, Verizon claims their wx is compatible with BT stereo (A2DP), but Alltel says theirs isn't. (I did see a forum post where somebody apparently upgraded their Alltel wx to handle BT stereo, but, being a newbie at this, am uncertain how hard that would be to do and how reliable it would be.) Furthermore, this got me wondering if there are other ways where the Alltel wx is not really as good as the Verizon wx.

Can anybody provide any guidance on (1) how hard it would be to add BT stereo capabilithy to the Alltel wx and (2) if there are any other shortcomings to the Alltel phone I should be aware of?


PS: I've confirmed that Alltel, Verizon, and Cingular all have strong networks in my locale, and I've fulfilled my commitment to my current carrier (and have a portable number), so at this point it comes down to h/w, functionality, and price differences. Alltel would be cheapest for me, and, although I wouldn't want to sacrifice usable BT stereo, if that is the only shortcoming, I can live with that for the savings I would get w/ Alltel.

PPS: While shopping the Cingular 750 also looked pretty good, but didin't seem to be worth the extra money. I'm still open-minded about this, however, if anybody could describe any non-trivial advantages to it.