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    Back in February I posted the following thread about my first impressions after getting a new 750:


    In that post I noted one odd occurrence where on a received call the caller ID pulled the wrong person from my contacts list. It was close to the right one but not quite.

    Well, it did it again, and this is my second 750. Let me explain.

    I received a call from another cell phone. For the sake of anonymity, lets say that the caller ID on my phone showed:

    "Sarah Brown"

    and her phone number. This was an individual who was NOT in my contacts.

    Later I needed to call Sarah back so I went to my call log for received calls and couldn't find her? Instead, what was listed was a call from someone who WAS in my contacts list as follows:

    "Murphy, Sarah and David"

    But the wacky thing was that they hadn't called me, and the phone number that was shown with their name in the call log was not their phone number but was Sarah Brown's phone number! So it's the name from one and the phone number from the other.

    I decided to see if I could correct the problem by adding Sarah Brown as a contact and had her call me. Again, her CID displayed her name properly during the call, but when I went to the received call log it again showed Sarah and David Murphy's name and Sarah Brown's number. It seems to be stuck on this now.

    With this second occurrence, I'm convinced this is an MS bug. For some reason it is taking a name from CID and searching for the same name in contacts and grabbing anything close to it, in this case any "Sarah" it could find. If you don't believe me, I have the received call log to prove it.

    Has anyone else encountered this bug? If so, did you find a way to fix whatever contact it messed up?

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S.: Would a mod please add this to the 750 bug list. Thanks!
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    happens to me on occasion as well. I also see similar behavior typing a contact in the today screen where one of the numbers displayed for a contact is some other contact's number. I will add it
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    I appreciate you adding it to the bug list, on the odd chance that MS or Palm reads these forums and will decide to try to address this issue.


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