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    I am torn, which one would you all choose? I've read such bad things about the 700w. Give me some imput
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    There should be no reason to be torn. The 700wx is essentially an updated version of the 700w, get the 700wx without any second thoughts.

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    I 2nd the 700wx. There's really not a reason to get the RAM crippled 700w since the 700wx is available.
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    Exactly. The 700wx is bigger and better. I loved my 700w, but I really really love my 700wx. (Both from VZW)
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    depends on the pricing..and your budget
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    I have a 700w and have been quite happy with it. Like above says 'Depends on you and budget'.
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    If you can afford it get the 700wx, and I mean do everything you can. Search under your couch cushions. Pawn your children's toys if you have to. If you plan to use any 3rd party apps or do any multitasking the W will not suffice. There's a WX for a me.
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    Geez, to be honest, I found a site while researching the pda and the 700wx got great reviews. I just wanted to see what some thought on here. Thanks everyone.

    I'll think I'll get the 700wx
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    There is no question between the two. The 700wx all the way.
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