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    I'm tired of the bluetooth headset issues with the 700wx. I have the Motorola H700 bluetooth headset. Sometimes it works flawlessly with no problems, other times its horrible.

    I hate the wired headset that came with the Treo (the earbuds with the mic on the cord). While I can hear people fine, people on the other end have a hard time hearing me, especially if I'm using it while driving.

    Are there any good wired headsets that are similar in size to my bluetooth one (goes over the ear with a boom for a mic)?

    The TC store has some Jabra ones, but they look really big (unless that's just the picture).

    Or are there any earbud style that have a good mic for use in a car?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mindfrost82 View Post

    The TC store has some Jabra ones...

    Jabra C250

    This IS the one!! I love it. Sometimes too loud, but better than a flakey BT piece.
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    Thanks, I think I'll try that.

    Next question...with the headset plugged in, is there a way to make the phone ring through the speaker instead of just the headset? And same with SMS alerts?

    I haven't tried that with a headset plugged in. I know it rings with a bluetooth one.

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