Sprint Treo 700WX.

I have a wired headset. The button is supposed to do three things:

1. Activate Voice Command.
2. Answer the phone
2. Hang up the phone.

What actually happens is:

1. If nothing has be done before (like after a reboot), is usually activates Voice Command.

2. It Media Player is active, it usually will turn on the device. but not activate Voice Command. Often, even is Media Player is not active, it will not activate Voice Command.

3. It will always answer the phone properly.

4. It will always hang up the phone properly.

This is most annoying. I really need it to always activate Voice Command when it is supposed to do so. This side button (press-and-hold) seems to always work properly in activating Voice Command.

Now that my state has passed a hands-free law, this has become even more important.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Also, has anyone discovered a fix for this?