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    my Treo is and has been exhibiting problematic behavior intermittently; at times the phone will just seem to hang will dialing or hanging up a call. There have been times when i've checked the phone to find that it's in a call - only to find there's no record of a call on the call log or my phone bill. Lastly my blue tooth indicator no longer functions because I installed and subsequently uninstalled the Jetware Bluetooth add-in.

    I'm running SPB mobile shell and Diary, Weather Panel, Resco Explorer, Mortscript, Google Maps, Micrsoft Live Search, and PDANet and Sprite backup (running daily)

    do you think a hard reset and full reload of my software ill increase the stability of my 700wx ?
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    Yes. It probably will. Have u tried other stuff?

    How much memory is left? Things get bogged down when it gets low.

    -Remove unneeded programs and/or move to card.
    -Clear cache of your browser

    Do you use voice command? It's a hog also. I don't use it, but sometimes I find things sluggish, I check it and it gets turned on by itself somehow.

    I also use memmaid to clear out a bunch of dangling/duplicate notifications and keep things humming.

    Fingers crossed, but I haven't done a hard reset in more than three months! I used to do them weekly before I realized Yahoo to go was dorking things up.

    Some people don't mind doing a hard reset. Doing a hard reset, and then restoring from backup, and then running active sync brings you back to the present with minimal effort. Of course you run the risk of restoring the problem.

    Good luck.

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