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    I am with Verizon Wireless and have had my Treo 700p replaced 12 times. They are offering either a new 700p or 700wx as a replacement. Here are a few of questions that I need quick and clear answers to.

    1. Do the VZW 700wx have A2DP out of the box?
    2. Does it have threaded txt messaging?
    3. Does it have the lag problems that the 700p has?
    4. Does it have skipping when listening to music?

    Thank you for you help, I apologize if the answers are in the threads but I have to make a decision tomorrow morning and don't have the time to search for all the answers before then.

    Thank you in advance.
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    1) yes VZW wx has ad2p


    3) no lag for me

    3) no threaded SMS out of the box BUT is easily added by using your friends at Treocentral
    4) occasionally skips during ad2p BT headphone music, but never with wired headphones
    Daniel Levin

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