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    Incase anyone was looking for free exchange email, has opened their signup again. You get free exchange support with limited storage (350mb i think) and no email aliases. If u donate $15 you can get an email alias (example: in gmail you have your messages forwareded to, and set an alias to have sent mail appear to be from

    For $50 donation you get unlimited email storage and aliases and stuff.

    I just signed up, had been checking every so often for it. I have the free account now, think I will do atleast the $15 donation to get it to show sent mail from my gmail account. If i get close to the storage limit I will probably have to do the unlimited

    Hope it helps someone.
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    does this have desktop outlook support?

    if not, then.... why not use mail2web?
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    No desktop support, I was under the impression Mail2Web requires a monthly free of $2 for email aliasing. That is $24 a year, vs a 1 time fee of $15 to alias. To each their own i guess.
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    Wow, this is pretty sweet, it's for life right?

    So $50 and unlimited storage/email aliases (within reason) for life?
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    how long has this company been up?

    is this server reliable? ..any thoughts/comments?

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