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    Ok I just talked to alltel and they want 25 dollars a month for unlimited internet access. What are my choices to get online?

    The only ones i know of are:

    1) Pay alltel 25 dollars a month for unlimited internet access <-- pretty expensive

    2) Buy a SDIO Card <-- Hope you get wifi signal at a lot of places

    3) USB wifi Dongle for laptop <--company laptop does not have Internet Sharing available unless there is a way around that, that wouldnt possibly get me into trouble lol

    Thanks Guys again for your input
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    You might as well go for the Unlimited Data plan. Especially if you are going to be using Active Sync for email.
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    I was afraid you where going to say that lol

    Well I guess generally most places i normally go today like my house, my moms, maybe when i travel i get hotels that have wireless but its the inbetween time I would like to use it also. So a wifi card would only benefit me from places that have wifi. Its just expensive 25 dollars a month for internet. Thats more then my dsl lol
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    I looked the alltel plans over and the 25 dollar one lets you hook your laptop up and do all this other stuff. I happend to see an internet one for 6 dollars. So i guess i'll wait till i get the phone and call them up again and really thoroughly go through it.

    Anyone here work for alltel?

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