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    I tried for hours to make work my activesync connection wireless without success.

    I can acces my email with owa.
    In activesync I configure it with the informations I've got (, user name, SSL, password etc).
    When I push the sync button it seems to work but it ask me again my password, again and again.
    The password is ok because I use the same on owa.

    I tried a lot of stuff with certificates (creating one, using the one I get from the secure web page etc...) but it still don't work...

    Any idea?

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    Make sure the domain is correct. The domain may be and the OWA page is, but the domain name field in activesync will be the name of the server. Let's say my domain is, but my mailserver is MailBox64. I would put Mailbox64 in the settings page where it asks for the domain.

    1st Screen
    Server Address:

    2nd Screen
    User Name: stroths
    Password: ********
    Domain: MailBox64
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    Thanks for your answer.
    To connect to owa i use "" so i put in server (tried also, login, password and in Domain i tried the domain I am on, the name of the server I've found in outlook,
    Without success...
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    You may need to ask your IT department. Our Exchange Active Sync settings are slightly different than our access to web based email.
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    they say they don't know... i do it alone or i don't...

    Any idea to find the right server/domain?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raphael25 View Post
    they say they don't know... i do it alone or i don't...

    Any idea to find the right server/domain?
    They have to know. They are the one's that set up Active Sync. It has to be enabled on the server. You can have web based email enable and still not have Active Sync enabled. We had that for quite some time before our IT department enabled Active Sync.
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    So I think it's not set up and they don't plan to do it.
    I was hoping that owa access involve mobile sync.

    So the only way I have to acces my email by my treo is by IE?

    I also have visto installed, any chance it can work with?

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    Has anyone had any issues with Exchange syncing using Active Sync 4.5? Everything syncs just fine with 4.2 but with 4.5 I get an error on my Treo that says that it can't find the server with my current settings.
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