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    I've installed Resco and used the Registry edit tools, while some hacks have worked perfectly (Animations, menus, font cache, etc...), I've tried to rock out with the Registry edits I've found online but the messages still pop-up even after soft and hard resets.


    Sprint Treo 700wx, btw. Thanks!
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    Sent notification, by the way, not received or whatever, I don't have those on. Any hacks I use do not work!
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    I never gotthat registry edit to stick either. Google a program called "htcustom" and see if you have luck with it
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    You need to wait a short while before you soft reset your Treo for it to stick in the registry.
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    It's been a few days and still no luck. Also, I tried changing the today font color. NO luck with that either using Resco...arggh.

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