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    I have had my treo for quite some time now and know most of its ins and outs. I did a search but cannot find an answer.

    I put a couple of mp3's form a cdr on to my phone. I am positive they are mp3's. The first time they played fine through wm player. After that i cannot get any sound. It appears as if the song is playing, time increasing, little bar moving, kps and so on. Just no sound?

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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    Have you tried them on TCPMP? you own the digital rights to the songs?...i.e. are they through a subscription service or from say a C.D.
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    Check the volume controls and the speaker switch on the top of the device (if using the speaker vs. headphones). Perhaps you just have the sound turned off?

    I've done that before and felt a bit foolish when I finally figured it out. .

    P.S.: Also check the WM "mute" feature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by westronic View Post
    I've done that before and felt a bit foolish when I finally figured it out. .
    Yup, done that myself. Always check your volume settings.
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    Mine did that when i plugged headphone into the treo, i took them out and no more sound from media ended up being the port on the treo causing a problem and i had to have the treo replaced.

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