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    Can anyone confirm this version will work to record both sides of the conversation without using the speaker phone. The site mentions:

    ""Record and organize every incoming or outgoing call."

    Program startup and recording of whole phone call. Store to a special subfolder and name the recorded file with caller/callee's name.

    (Both sides recording is hardware dependent. If your recording contains voice of one side only, it is not due to the program's failure.)"

    but is the treo 750 capable of this? I know in the past posts the limitation was not being able to record the voice of the caller, has this changed with the new version?
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    Do they offer a trial? Try it out and let us know, a lot of people have been looking for a program like that.
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    okay I tried the new version of this program, and as with earlier versions it disappoints by not recording the caller while recording a phone call.
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    Heard that was a WM limitation.

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