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    besides not having touch screen, there both windows... a friend of mine is sellign me his for like $150 figure its not bad...whats the difference? all these apps we have like threaded sms and other apps, do they work on the q as well? what else is the difference? are they basically the same but diff manufacturers?
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    Threaded SMS was made for a touch screen device (PPC). If you can get it working on a Q, you will have some issues. There are a lot of differences on the surface between smartphones and PPC's. For power users, a PPC is going to win hands down. If you need a phone first and a PDA second, then a Q might be good for you.
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    The Q uses WM SmartPhone Edition. It is a stripped down version of WM5. I had it for about 3 days when it came out and then went with the Treo 700wx. The phone itself works great. Bluetooth works how it is supposed to work and there were no dropouts. The battery absolutely sucked, though. After half a work day I found myself having to charge it. Most of the programs I use on a daily basis worked.

    If you are looking for a good phone and are not a power WM user then you might be happy with it. Otherwise, I would stick with the Treo and wait for the WM6 version to come out.
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    First of all - I am new to the treo (but certainly not to the smartphone game) and this board has been very helpful to me. Thanks to all who do such a great job here!

    Secondly - regarding this thread... The Q (VZW) was my last phone for about six months. I have to tell you, overall - it is as rather powerful device. The processor and memory available is identical to the 700wx. The lack of touch-screen can be frustrating if you are used to it (I came to the Q after a year of the i730), but once you get used to the interface and hack it a bit, the smartphone OS is very manageable for many daily tasks - particularly with a good deal of third party apps like pocket informant and facade.

    I just switched to sprint last month to save $60.00 a month on the data plan (wife and I both have data). Initially, I got the Q from sprint but switched to the Treo 700wx. Main reason - the keyboard. While I agree with chrash383 about the battery life, since I used the extended battery and always carried a spare (which many would argue you SHOULDN'T have to do with your cell phone), this wasn't a huge problem for me. The keyboard was the one sticking point for me after months of use on the Q. If you are a fast typist, you will notice that the Q misses keystrokes rather regularly. I switched out my handset several times due to this problem and found it to be a problem on each handset. After playing around with my friend's blackjack, I found it to have the same problem. Same with the dash... The WM5 smartphone OS was not originally designed for use with a full qwerty keyboard and it is noticeable. The lack of a spell check put the problem over the top.

    If you type fast and use your device for regular messaging... I would tell you to keep looking. WM5 smartphone devices with qwerty keyboards are just not ready for prime time, in my humble opinion. After using MANY devices and resisting the treo for a long time... I have found it to be PERFECT for my needs. Should have gone this route from the beginning.
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    My wife recently switched to a Moto Q from a Treo 650 (both on Sprint) when we transfered her account to a Sero one.

    If it weren't for the faster bandwidth on the Q she would still be using her 650. This is not an OS issue (she is indeferent inre PalmOS vs WinMo5), she hates the Q due to the weak battery and lack of touchscreen.

    She can't wait to get my 700wx once I replace it with the upcoming 800w.

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