I'm not a phone junkie. I know there are folks who love this stuff, I just don't have the kind of time to investigate these things.

1. Autosyncing to my hotmail account seems to cut off my phone conversations a lot. I'll be in the middle of talking with someone, then get cut off, only to see the notification that it couldn't connect to the msn service. I have auto sync turned off, and it still tries to synchronize anyway. I vaguely recall seeing a thread about this when my phone was new and I was still excited enough to read threads everyday, but I can't find that now (alas, searching for the keywords disable and autosync returned no results.

2. My SMS has stopped working completely. I can't even open the app. I don't mind blowing away all my SMS messages, but I'd certainly like to avoid losing everything else on my phone (specifically my contacts). Is there anyway to reset or blow away the SMS database?

I would love this phone if it would just *work*.

Slightly frustrated in Austin