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    Im traveling to Mexico and have a Spectec Wifi Card "working" on my Treo750. Would like to use this for data while in the cancun area.

    Anyone know of a good website for wifi hotspots in mexico. I do see some of the hotels have wifi, but we are staying in a private villa without any net access.

    ATT roaming rates are not so bad for voice ($0.59 a min.) the data would run about 0.02 cents a KB. Data could get out of hand...

    Any help?

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    There are tons of internet cafe's to be found in the cancun area, should not be hard to locate one.

    As far as the roaming, AT&T does have a special "mexico roaming" plan they can add to your account, which may give you a better deal. Give international care a call at 1-800-335-4685 to check into it.

    I used GPRS service all over Cancun and Playa (I believe TelCel was the carrier), and it worked flawlessly, 5 bars in most places!

    Good luck!

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