I've had the phone for around 7 months now and there are a couple problems that I would like to get fixed in the near future.

First, I dropped the phone awhile ago and there is a crack in the outer case running from the hole for the stylus to the edge of the light grey circular part on the side. This has made it so the stylus has a tendency to fall partially out if the phone is held at the right angle as well as out completely if held upside with the right force. I was thinking about getting a skin as it appears when you hold the back of the phone tightly to push foward it keeps the stylus in, but now I am thinking I would like to just change the back case part with a newer uncracked one. Anyone ever done that and how hard is it to get the part?

Second, I have PhoneAlarm and SMS Threaded installed and everytime I soft reset the phone it alerts me to a new text message. I know what text message I missed (I was told by my GF what it was) yet I cannot find it anywhere. It's like it is stuck in limbo somewhere and everytime you soft reset it alerts me to some new text message that is hidden. Anyone ever experience that?

Thanks in advance.