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    Just purchased a Treo 750 to replace my bb pearl 8100. So far so good except for 1 issue. I push the end key to lock the keypad before I put into the leather holster I bought at ATT store. I also have the phone set to disable touchscreen while on call. Problem seems to be when I get an incoming call, I grap the phone from the holster and (of course hit the keypad by accident). It seems the keyguard is temp disabled while the phone is ringing. No big deal except I now have an additional app.'s open which I didn't want and must click ok to clear the screen etc. Any ideas or suggestions.

    What is the consensus on voice command. I use this phone for business and don't want to start having issues. I have vc enabled and to annoounce calls. This maybe creates a very slight delay in ringing (maybe a 1/2 ring) so no big deal. I did notice however that I have the phone set to ring and vibrate and after the 1st round of rings and the announce sometimes the phone only kinda vibrates/buzz's instead of continuing to ring. This isn't all the time and only seems to occur when vc is active. Is this a normal issue.

    Thank you
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    well with vc i rarely use it and announcing call is a might run into some issues with vc the phone not if you dont use vc all the time or at all i would disable for keyguard and answering the phone i havent noticed that...i have keyguard on and disable touchscreen while on a call also...hope this helps...

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